Protecting Your Company: Legal Request (Rule 34)

9 Sep 2019

When hit with a lawsuit, companies need to comply with eDiscovery Federal Rule 34, which requires them to provide documents and electronically stored information belonging to a legal request, within a responsible time, place, and manner. Lawsuits about training issues, including; lack of training, failure to train, and compliance requirements not being met through proper training, make the news every day. If compelled to produce training documentation, would your company be prepared to answer the request?

Without proper training records, all of your training materials can be requested even for departments that aren't necessarily related to the investigation. If you can’t provide the documentation showing what is relevant, the courts and investigator will ask to see everything. By for-fitting additional materials and information, your company could be vulnerable to additional risks and possible violations.

However, with appropriate training records, you can show what training and materials are relevant to the investigation and then provide just those items.

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Training Tracker is an easy-to-use employee training tracking software that keeps your staff up to date and your business in compliance. With Training Tracker, you can fulfill employee, training, and completion requests with easily created reports, and you can export the data to generate detailed graphs and charts.

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