Helping You

Get back your time. Improve organization. Stay compliant. Training Tracker’s easy-to-use features allow you to streamline training efforts, add employees, and assign tasks with due dates. All with a secure cloud-based platform making it safe and secure.

These features will help you go from duplication of efforts, inconsistent record-keeping, and stress during audits to having a centralized source of truth, being able to expand tracking of other training, and streamlining both the training process & communication.

Save Time

Group Task

Create and sort groups of tasks by job title, department, or location, and assign all of the tasks to one or more employees with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to your old paper checklist!

Automate Reports

View complete and incomplete training easily, sorting by trainee and training task. You can even narrow your search further and filter by job title, department, category, or tag. All the information you need to ensure compliance is easy to find and format.

Centralized Data Management

With Training Tracker, your data is stored all in one location and you can update it in batches. Unlike working with spreadsheets, you can make changes easily and quickly.

Easily Maintain Compliance

Repeat or Renew

When you mark a training as complete, the system can automatically assign a new training due next year or next month - it’s based on whatever time period you specify.

Automatically Log Updates

Training Tracker keeps a record of all data changes that are made in the system. If your team gets audited, you have clear evidence of when someone completed the task and who made those changes within the system.

Track Continuing Education

Professionals in many industries are required to document continuing education units that they accrue. Mark how many CEUs an employee earned by attending a class or seminar using a specific spot in the system.

Streamline Communication

Automate Reminders

Send automated emails to trainees, sharing when they have upcoming training, tasks nearing their due date, or what tasks and training they’ve completed to-date.

Maintain One Centralized Version of Your Data

Be confident that your records are up-to-date. As the definitive source for training records, Training Tracker eliminates the ever-annoying issue of version control.

Customize Access

Assign Roles

Define and assign various access levels for employees, including whether or not they can add new employees, create new tasks, or email reminders and updates.

Archive Employees

By archiving old employees, you are able to store their information while still removing it from active reports. This helps in making sure all historic data is recorded while allowing you to focus on current and future compliance.

Customize Your Fields

If you need a more robust approach to sorting your data than our standard employee fields (job title, department, location), you can add “tags” to trainees. You can then search and filter based on these custom tags.