Did you know... User Profile

28 Oct 2019

Did you know that each user that uses Training Tracker has their own profile page? To see your profile click on your name next to “Welcome” in the upper right-hand corner. Below please find the features of the profile page.

What can you do on your profile page?

  1. Reset password - Check the box and click save. The software will walk you through the process of setting a new password
  2. Set timezone
  3. Select date format
  4. Opt-out of receiving overdue Assignment emails - For more information please reference Alerts are Coming to Training Tracker!
  5. Set the number of search results - For more information please reference Did you know… Number of Results per Search

Above are the five things you can currently do on the profile page. Coming soon, you will be able to see how much storage space you used and have available. You will also be able to purchase additional users beyond your original set up.

account settings

We are always looking for ways to make Training Tracker more useful to you, so if there are other features you’d like to see, please submit a request through our support portal, and you may see your idea on a future update!

CEO, Training Tracker Software