2019 Reflection & 2020 Vision

21 Jan 2020

The start of a new year has always been a great time for reflecting and celebration. As we head into 2020, we are excited to share some of last year’s best highlights as well as looking forward to this next year's goals.

2020 vision image

2019 was the year of optimizing and showcasing. We started the year off with the launch of a new marketing website to create a more guided and informative experience. The focus on improved customer experience was also showcased in August when we launched our first new feature (Email Alerts). That momentum continued with two more new features in October (Instructors & Translators) & in November (Email Enhancements).

In October, our very own Jen Remsik had an article published in the Wisconsin State Journal. She is happy to say that check an item off her bucket list.

Now, what do we have planned for 2020?

  • We are working on a few more details to transition billing & payment management online through the Admin Tab. Adding New Users will become even more comfortable.
  • More design updates to improve efficiency and workflow.
  • We are planning to add the ability for customers to do their own bulk imports.
  • We are looking for more events and conferences near you to exhibit and speak publicly to allow us more opportunities to meet customers in person.
  • We are hoping to post more to our News page than just monthly.

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