Creatively Tracking Training While Staying Safer At Home

6 Apr 2020

In a time surrounded by so much uncertainty, it is important to stay calm, not to panic, and to take whatever time you need for yourself. This is an opportunity to access what your staff and customers need and do what you can to help. That might mean business as usual or finding a new way of delivering services. Think of this as a chance to get creative in finding solutions to transition from doing business in person or groups to virtually or maybe even developing a whole new business such as producing hand sanitizer instead of distilling vodka. This is your opportunity to flex your strategic muscles and thrive in a time of adversity.

Now that many people are working from home they may have limited access to work resources such as internal servers, but now more than ever it is important to stay on top of training, tasks, and compliance. Training Tracker is a cloud-based software which means you can access it from anywhere. This will make sure you always have the information you need at your fingertips and have the ability to adapt if needed like allowing you to see who has what certification in case you need to move people around as you are trying to work with only the essential crew. Or potentially even fill a position due to illness.

The news has recently been filled with stories of businesses flexing their creativity and finding a way to not only thrive but also serve their community. If you are one of these businesses that are switching product lines, your staff will most likely need additional training for the new product(s). With Training Tracker you can easily create the new training as a task, assign it to those that it applies to and check it off as completed once the training is done. For example, one company that formerly had been producing automobiles has now completely switched gears to produce medical equipment to help fight the ventilator shortage. This shift in production would have required the staff to be retrained and refocused in order to make high quality and reliable products.

If you are able, regular training may help your team maintain a sense of normalcy and keep their skills honed. You might have to get creative to hold training normally done in-person to be held virtually and use video conference tools like Zoom. Another reason to stay on top of your training requirement is so you and your team won’t be overwhelmed when everyone can return to work. With a mass of workers returning to work, their goal will be to start providing the goods and services they used to, training and certification expirations are going to be the last thing they are thinking about and wanting to fulfill. If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use solution to track employee training during this uncertain time, try Training Tracker free for 14 days, or schedule a demo with our CEO, Jen Remsik.