Feedback Fuels Innovation: Updates to the Assignment Tab

14 Dec 2020

Here at Training Tracker, we are always looking for ways to improve our software to better serve our clients. As you may have noticed, we made some updates to the Assignment Tab. You can now Group your data by Department, not just by Trainee or by Task. You can also search by Supervisor Name and by Task Group. This allows you to access crucial information in a way that meets your needs, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Group by Department

where to find group by department

This new feature is designed to allow you to access the information you need in a way that fits the specific need for your organization. For example, this feature is handy if you need to know if your different departments are meeting your company’s training goals. If you have not used this feature before, you have the ability to view information by task, trainee, or departments and all relevant information corresponding to that selection will be sorted accordingly. For example, if you group by trainee, the trainee’s name will be the heading and all the tasks associated with that trainee will be grouped under their name for easy viewing.

New Search Filters

filter by supervisor

With the new Task Group search filter, you can search for a particular Task Group (collections of individual Tasks), then group by Trainee to see their progress through that particular series. This allows for more transparency with quick and intuitive access to communication.


task groups inclusion

As another helpful trick, while editing a task, a list of all the Task Groups is now visible. This way if this task is replaced by a different one you know which Tasks Groups need to be updated to reflect the updated and most accurate task.

Here at Training Tracker, your feedback helps fuel our innovation so I would like to take a moment to share that all of these changes were made possible from your feedback and suggestions.