Tracking Training and Staying Compliant: 4 Questions To Ensure You’re On The Right Track

16 Feb 2021

Tracking the training progression of your employees should be a simple process, and yet it’s often complicated by using outdated and disorganized methods of tracking. So, how do you get started on the right foot when it comes to tracking your employee training and compliance? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure your software is working for you.

Am I Using A Solution That Will Grow With My Business?

As your business grows, there are insurmountable things to consider such as space, team culture and hiring fast enough to keep up with your company’s growth. Investing in a tracking software that will support your company as it grows is important so you don’t have to spend valuable time upgrading your system down the road.

For example, while an LMS (Learning Management System) will often charge you based on the number of employees you have, Training Tracker charges one set monthly fee based on the number of user profiles you have on the account (as opposed to the number of employees you have in the system). This allows you to scale to dozens, hundreds and even thousands of employees without a significant increase in price, meaning you can grow your company without having to consider an additional cost.

Does This System Mitigate Human Error And Protect My Business?

Human error occurs at every level of business, but when it comes to training and compliance, this kind of oversight needs to be addressed within the software to ensure employees are receiving the training they need and that the company stays compliant. There are a number of fail-safes that can protect you, including the ability to set and track deadlines. While this seems like a simple solution, you'd be surprised at how many tracking softwares don’t include this feature.

Using spreadsheets or a software that offers irrelevant bells and whistles will also increase the likelihood of mistakes by over-complicating the process, potentially costing your company thousands of dollars in employee time in order to correct them. Using a software like Training Tracker that’s easy to navigate and mitigates human error, will give you peace of mind that training is being properly recorded, and that your company is in fact staying compliant.

Does This Solution Work For MY Training Needs?

With so many moving pieces, it’s important to ask whether your tracking software accounts for ALL the types of training your employees need. This is important because staying compliant often requires training to be completed from third-party sources, and many tracking systems don’t allow you to build that into your training flow.

While some training systems require training to come from a specific source, Training Tracker accounts for the versatility of training sources needed in compliance-based businesses. Having an all-inclusive, streamlined system not only allows you to stay organized but also gives your company ease of transparency, keeping you compliant and protecting your company in the long run.

Is This Cost Effective?

At the beginning of the blog, we mentioned that tracking training should be a simple process. In this final question, we invite you to ask whether you are paying unnecessary premiums for items you don’t need. If the answer is yes, consider switching to a more streamlined system so you can focus on what’s most important: tracking the training of your employees.

Ultimately, you’ll know you’re on the right track when you know that your tracking software is cost effective, can grow with your business, mitigates human errors and can track multiple types of training. Training Tracker is built around these principles with the sole goal of streamlining the training process and helping our customers stay compliant from day one. If you’d like to know more, you can start your 14-day trial here.