What Drives Training Tracker?

26 Oct 2021

As a values-based organization, all of Training Tracker’s guiding principles can be applied on multiple levels: with our customers, vendors, and of course, with each other. We treat our staff like family, our customers like friends, and our vendors like neighbors. Check out the values below that we strive to embody every day to help build our community and enrich the Training Tracker experience.

  1. Serving others with sincere generosity and enthusiasm. - We understand the importance of maintaining training records and how tedious this topic can be. However, we want our customers to know we acknowledge what they are going through and are on their side, excited to be of service to help improve their experience!
  2. Simplifying the experience, prioritizing the most beneficial elements. - There are times that people are excited and overwhelmed by a tool’s features. Therefore, we prioritize new features to highlight those that help our customers meet the ultimate goal of tracking training compliance requirements as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  3. Creating a positive, diverse, and empowering environment that sets everyone up for success.- We want our customers to succeed in their goals and their regulatory responsibilities/requirements. In doing so, we produce an environment that allows our customers to control their data and training record management. 1.Communicating proactively with empathy, transparency, and awareness. - Often, frustration is caused by a violation of expectations, and here at Training Tracker, we strive to be as transparent as possible. We value proactively communicating about our projections, new features, and the company’s status so those with whom we have a relationship know what they can expect from us and if those expectations need resetting along the way. This communication also helps to build not just a partnership but a friendship.
  4. Supporting the greater community. - We love supporting other entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs. At least twice a year, Jen Remsik, Training Tracker CEO, volunteers her time as a coach to Doyenne, an organization that strives to create an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem for women of all backgrounds. During these afternoons, she spends time with as many entrepreneurs as she can, listening to their pitches, providing feedback, brainstorming ideas, and making introductions to potential resources. At Training Tracker, our goal is to partner with mission-driven and non-profit organizations to help strengthen the community.

Now that we have given you a little insight into what drives us as an organization, we want to hear (Hello[at]trainingtrackersoftware.com) what you value most and how you live out those values in business and everyday life!