Taming the Disorganization Beast

15 Feb 2022

Are you trying to stay atop of your employees’ training by sifting through seas of spreadsheets filled with data, requirements, and deadlines? Are you manually setting reminders for yourself to schedule training sessions and follow-ups? Is there a pile of printed check-in sheets on your desk waiting to be converted to a digital format?

Staying on top of employee training records management with all the regulations, updates, and mandated continuing education can feel like a daunting task each year. As we begin 2022, it is a great time to think about updating your employee training records management system. So you can create a more efficient way to record skills training by simplifying how you compile and organize training requirements, keep track of expiration dates, and provide documentation.

As a responsible business owner, you want to make sure your team is informed, in compliance, and up to date with all of their training, safety mandates, and continuing education. Training Tracker’s software can help solve this problem before it arises to keep recording skills training from taking your valuable time or the invaluable time of your office management staff.

With our employee training records management system, you can easily create assignments, attendance sheets, and send reminders to your staff without worrying about a clunky spreadsheet - the data and documents related to every training can be accessed easily within the Training Tracker system. This creates a centralized management system for recording skills training and managing all your staff’s certifications, reducing administrative hours spent compiling this information. In addition, with Training Tracker, all your skills training documentation of previously held training is securely stored, and you can use that information to plan and assign additional training or next steps for each employee in a single, easily-to-navigate place.

When the time comes, all your audit documents will be easy to prepare and download right from your Training Tracker account. Our customizable reports also make it easy to see which employees have expiring training and send them explicit action plans to renew their certifications or compliance tasks.

Make your training records management system work for you and alleviate the headache of keeping track of everything manually. Simplifying your employee training records management process and creating an easy-to-use system for your employees gives everyone one less thing to worry about during work hours or after. When you’re ready to upgrade to an easy and efficient system, schedule your free demo with one of our Training Tracker team members here.