Say "So Long" to Spreadsheets

7 Mar 2022

When asked what a person wanted to do when they grow up, no one ever replied, "organize spreadsheets!"

No one wants to stare at endless lists sorted by rows and columns until their eyes cross. No one wants to update spreadsheets, hoping the information inputs correctly and doesn’t mess up the data. No one wants to track an employee’s Continuing Education or protocol certification incorrectly because of lost information.

Your employee training records management system should be easy to find, easy to update, and easy to understand. Having all the employees’ certifications, continuing education credits, and training deadlines in one space will save you time and the headache of tracking down information at the last minute or keep you from missing a deadline altogether.

With Training Tracker, an employee training records management system, all your employee files are in one place, creating a simple way to store attendance records, certifications, or assign training based on past records. In addition, with the Training Tracker system, you can automate processes to make things easier for your administrative staff, fostering a more streamlined, cohesive work environment.

Your administrator will have the ability to track progress, attendance, and related documents, creating a centralized management system for recording skills training and managing staff certifications.

Imagine onboarding a new hire without digging through folders and outdated packets to find the proper training and assignments related to their specific duties. This gives you and your employee back time to spend on training instead of idling while the correct paperwork is located, creating a more efficient onboarding experience.

When you’re ready to ditch the old spreadsheets and make this a reality for you and your employees, schedule your free demo with one of our Training Tracker team members here.