Embraced QR Codes: Two Ways

18 Apr 2022

QR codes (quick response codes) have made a resurgence in a broader context. You may have seen them used most recently as a way to access restaurant menus. Training Tracker has embraced QR Codes and has implemented them in two different ways.

Employee Read-Only QR Code

(This feature is available in all feature packages.)

Just imagine fewer emails from your employees wondering what training they have completed and which training they still need to complete.

Training Tracker generates a unique QR Code for each employee. When they scan the QR Code with their mobile device, they will access their training assignments in a read-only mode. Supervisors can also scan an employee’s QR Code in the field, especially if they need to verify the employee has completed the training required to operate specific equipment.

Check out the How to Create and Use QR Codes for Employee Read-only? guide.

QR Codes and Completion Date

(This enhancement is part of the Pro and Enterprise feature packages.)

Are you tired of using a special scanner to scan the barcodes? Does uploading those scans take away from time you could spend on other projects?

Training Tracker generates a unique QR Code for each employee and task on the class roll sheet. You can use any mobile device to scan the codes. When you scan the code, Training Tracker will update that task’s Completed date.

Check out the How to Use QR Codes? guide.

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