The 13 Ghouls of Workplace Safety

1 Oct 2023

Spooky season has arrived—the perfect time to ensure your workplace is free of the most eerie-sistible risks and haunting safety hazards! Here are 13 ghouls to watch out for a fang-tastic Halloween (and year-round compliance).

collection of the 13 Ghoul images.


Beware of unsafe electrical conditions! Always be sure to unplug or turn off electrical appliances when not in use or while cleaning or servicing, and never force a plug into an outlet if it doesn’t fit. When dangerous sparks fly, it can bring a monster of a problem to life!


Don’t let regulatory agencies suck you dry with penalties and fines. Training Tracker’s singular software securely holds your data and records, making it easy to demonstrate compliance so your company won’t feel the bite of an unsuccessful audit.


Avoid hairy situations by keeping your workplace well-lit. Did you know that OSHA has specific lighting regulations depending on your organization’s specialty? Don’t leave your team howling at the moon over poor visibility!


Grab your broom and make a clean getaway! Maintaining a tidy workspace helps prevent mishaps and unhealthy hazards. Regular sweeping, mopping, and cleaning at the end of a shift is the spell for a magically effective environment.


Keep your workplace’s first-aid kit well stocked with bandages and more to prepare you for any incident. Have you checked your store of these essential health and safety must-haves? Wrap up your regular supply orders with anything you might be missing!


Don’t be haunted by worry or missed requirements: Training Tracker helps streamline communication and puts clear, timely records at your fingertips, so you can rest easy knowing you’re prepared for the regulatory boogeymen whenever they might appear.

Black Cat

Look out for the hiss of danger! Unregulated noise in the workplace can lead to lasting damage to your team members’ health and prevent early recognition of safety hazards. Regular exposure to loud or repetitive sounds can spell more than bad luck for your organization.


Don’t let spills take over the workplace. Absorbent safety floor mats, maintained containment procedures, and regular machinery reviews can help prevent drips, leaks, or accidental overflow from growing into an uncontrollable mess.

The Invisible Man

Remind your colleagues not to hide questions or concerns. Proper compliance and safety practices require making yourself visible whenever you’re unsure—and Training Tracker can help you reveal any lacking preparation before regulators appear.


Stay right-side-up when keeping your hoods, overhead equipment, and roof in good working condition. Problems like leaks, molds, and unhealthy accumulations can easily hide in the shadowy corners above your workers’ heads—you won’t want to let these issues take flight!

Sea Monster

Don’t let clogged drains become a monster! Prevention is the best cure for drainage issues, so make sure your plumbing is in good shape through regular maintenance and upgrades—before real problems bubble up!


Always be aware of the shadow you cast and your footprint in the workplace. Cell phones, unruly behavior, and other distractions can lead to unsafe conditions in a shared environment. Don’t lurk around in ways that might lead to danger!


Have confidence in your preparedness: Know it down to your bones! Training Tracker is a tool to help remove the headaches, frustration, and manual errors that accompany outdated record-keeping and lack of clarity about compliance. Don’t let audits or questions about safety send chills up your spine!

Don’t let these scary creatures haunt your workplace!