Food Safety Consortium 2023

10 Nov 2023

In the world of food safety, staying updated with the latest trends, regulations, and best practices is paramount. Food safety professionals, industry experts, and researchers gather annually at the Food Safety Consortium to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and work toward enhancing the safety of our food supply. This year, we attended this educational and networking event. There was no shortage of talks and presentations at the Consortium. Here are some of the key takeaways from the few presentations that we were able to attend.

The Significance of the Food Safety Consortium

The Food Safety Consortium is an annual event that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders from the food industry, academia, regulatory bodies, and more. This conference serves as a vital platform for the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and promoting best practices in food safety.

The conference focuses on improving food safety in the food industry and discusses strategies for best practices. With an increasingly complex global food supply chain and ever-evolving challenges, ensuring that our food is safe has become more critical than ever. The Consortium focused on providing education on the detection, mitigation, control, and regulation of crucial food hazards.

Food Safety Process & Culture

The food safety process comprises the policies and procedures in place. When you maintain quality, accurate data and follow procedures, you leave less room for error. This is paramount in the food industry, as strengthening food safety and protecting consumers worldwide is an integral part of the food supply chain.

Culture in the food safety workplace consists of the people. When you learn what people value, then you can make the connection with their ‘why.’ Building trust and open communication in the workplace will make culture a revolving circle, helping develop psychological safety for employees and helping them feel valued and appreciated.

One of the key takeaways from this Consortium was about the foundation of workplace culture in the food industry. It highlighted that the foundation is based on shared values and passion, common goals, responsibilities, and being actively involved. Food Safety leaders should ensure that they develop psychological safety in the workplace. This involves setting expectations about failure and uncertainty, inviting participation, demonstrating humility, and expressing appreciation. When leaders work together, practice, and advocate for these foundational values and have the conversations to implement the processes, it will be the catalyst to producing the best product possible and better results.

"The proper question is not 'How can people motivate others?' But rather, 'How can people create the conditions within which others will motivate themselves."

Round up of the Food Safety Consortium

Over the three days of the Consortium, it provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration, ultimately working towards the common goal of ensuring the safety of the food we consume. By coming together, industry professionals, researchers, and regulatory bodies can strengthen food safety and better protect consumers worldwide.