Trainee Email Enhancements

12 Nov 2019

Email Status Report

We are really excited to announce a new feature to the Email log which can be found in the Admin tab.

email status report

As of November 12th, 2019, you can now see a list of emails, including name & email address for your Trainees & Supervisors, that were either delivered successfully or had an error. This will allow you to confirm which emails were received and provide an opportunity to correct any email address errors. Most often when there is an email error occurs is due to either not having an email address or a bad email address.

error indication

You can access this additional information by clicking on the email sent date and time. Note, any emails sent before November 12th, 2019 will not have this additional information. You will see the custom subject & custom opening paragraph for that email, the status of the emails, the Trainee/Supervisor’s Name and the email address used.

status indicator

Trainee/Supervisor Email Carbon Copy (cc)

Through Training Tracker you can not see the emails that were sent to your Trainees/Supervisors. You can now see the subject and opening paragraph through the Email Status Report; however, the training information is not visible. To overcome that issue the User who sends the emails can now check the box to be cc’ed on that email.

cc me check box

You might want to create a filter in your email tool for these emails to go into so that your inbox is not overloaded. Below are links to instructions for creating filters:

Trainee/Supervisor Email Reply to

When your Trainee/Supervisor receives an email from Training Tracker they can click reply with any questions they have and that reply email will be sent to the email address of the User that sent the email.

example email, points out reply-to

We are hoping this will help with communication around training.

Have more questions about emails? Check out our full guide How to Email Trainees!