Socks for Elephants

5 Aug 2022

Have you met Tilly Tusker, Training Tracker’s mascot? We saw some parallels between Training Tracker and elephants. So we decided on a mascot to add some fun and personality, and there wouldn’t be anything better than an elephant.

Training Tracker mascot


Elephants are excellent tracking animals. With their keen sense of smell, elephants can track down a water source up to 12 miles away. As you can guess, Training Tracker will not help you find a lost animal in the woods; however, we will help you know the progress of your staff’s training.

Never Forget

Elephants are said to have a great memory. They are stories about elephants remembering people years after their paths first cross. Training Tracker helps you remember which employees have incompleted training or need to retake a training.


Elephants are strong, nurturing, loyal to their family, and determined and protective. Training Tracker Users are also reliable, committed, and protective of their work-family. In addition, they strive for a safe work environment.

Peace of mind

Elephants are thought to promote spiritual wellbeing in our daily lives, and Training Tracker strives to make your life easier to give you peace of mind when preparing for audits.

To celebrate Tilly joining Training Tracker, we are holding a fundraiser for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and its Adopt an African Elephant program. We are selling specially designed socks, and the proceeds will go to the WWF.

Customized socks featuring Tilly

Purchase your socks today for $30 (shipping & handling included). We will donate more than 80% of the cost to donate $5000 to WWF.